In this project DJ Qroft programmed a script in HTML and Javascript that selects randomly one out of thousands of GIF animations and creates a music video backed up with minimal techno and house tunes.
Though the script is written to chose a random animation, it often enough seems like the computer elects the perfect animation to the perfect beat or subject of the music title.
It's like if the machine is about to take decisions based on feelings.

Project facts

Videoclips are between 5 and 12 minutes long and all collected within this YouTube playlist.
The songs used, are published on a Creative Commons licence that can be found at the netlabels or the artists' website or soundcloud page.

These kind of videos can be perfectly used for background animations at clubs, bars or your next party.
Please be aware that due to the "adult" genre of some animations, most of the videos are NSFW !

Carlos Pinto

Since the age of 10 I tried to create bridges between the virtual and the real world. I was one of the first german bloggers starting in late 2000 a few years before was sold to Google, published a BBS scene magazine on 3.5" diskette, had his my live Latenight show in Germany and was host of the singer songwriter slam to promote real music agains the shit you get on TV.
I paint acrylic QR codes on canvas and as streetart and since i arrive on Canary Island i am vice president of the MOVE UR.BAN association to push forward the culture and street sports scene on this island.
I do sell stickers and prints designed by me at

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c/o Cyberholic, Carlos Pinto
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