Bringing back the music television
we used to know into the 21st century.

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available GIF animations in one app

The first app that acts as your personal videojockey.

Through the remember the .GIF application your smartphone creates a constantly changing and always different playlist of GIF animations. The result is an endless firework of inspiration, feelings and excitement that you will find hard to take your eyes off.

The app also comes with the possibility to activate one out of a dozen preset online radio stations while the GIF animations are playing. This will start an never ending music video that will only be finished in the moment when you turn your device off.

Endless animation
The app creates a never ending unique video, put together out of thousands of GIF animations.

Online radio
Add music by choosing a preset online radio station streaming electronic music.

Toggle the clock-mode to have the current time above the GIF animation.

In your livingroom.
Enlighten your living space by using the remember the .GIF app on your TV or an old tablet.

Friends coming over for some drinks? Use your television to play the GIFs via Chromecast, Mirrorcast or any other casting solution to brighten up the evening and your living room. Thanks to the GIFs you will have plenty of subjects to talk about.

Photo by Graphictwister

In your club, disco, dancehall.
Extend your location's visuals with the GIFs coming from the remember the .GIF app.

The GIFs won't replace your expensive laser-lights, nor the VJ you booked. But the remember the .GIF app extends the possibilities of your location's screens. Put a portable TV or several tablets at your entrance and the people in que will have plenty of visuals to kill their waiting time.

Photo by Graphictwister

At your bar or pub.
Have some GIF animations extend your location's appearance.

In most cases a digital screen destroys the flair of a bar and will make you leave as soon as possible, often because we connect these screens to live transmissions of sport events, gathering loud groups. But with the remember the .GIF animations these screens can not only enhance your visual asthetic but also offer your guests enough stuff to talk about based on the shown animation. Nor more small talk about the weather or your ex.

Photo by Luis Poletti
Qroft aka Carlos Pinto
Streetartist, QR Marketing enthusiast

A 10 years long journey from the streets,
onto the data-highway.

The remember the .GIF project started back in 2009 when Qroft (Carlos Pinto) created a streetart project where he made more than 1.000 indiviidual QR code stickers of the size of a stamp and distributed them all around the streets of Hamburg in Germany. Those who scanned the QR code, were offered a funny or creative GIF animation.
Months later the second step was to create a Javascript program that in a pseudo artifical intelligent way created a music video out of randomly choosen GIF animations. With this setup, Qroft held several parties deejaying electronic music while a computer added GIF visuals to the music.

In early 2019, Qroft found a solution to offer the whole project as an Android application, so that the project can be used by individuals or club and bar owners alike.

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